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Our Marketing Process

We want to get as many prospective tenants as possible, so we pay for professional photographs of your property and advertise on over 200 websites, as well as listing on the MLS. We also have dedicated staff answering phone calls and reaching out to prospective tenants to ensure that we find every possible qualified tenant for your property. While we are strict in our tenant screening, we generally find excellent tenants for our clients within 13.5 days!

Our 14-Step Tenant Screening Process

To help ensure your property stays rented with tenants who respect your investment, we have created a comprehensive tenant screening process that eliminates bad tenants.

When a tenant contacts us, they enter our 14 step screening process that involves verifying employment history, checking their income, contacting every previous landlord, inspecting their credit history, and validating their background with the application. Once they pass, we package their application summarizing every key point and request your final approval. As the owner, you truly don’t have to worry about a thing.

We help our clients secure the best tenants for their properties through a carefully curated screening process.
Our goals are perfectly aligned: ensuring that each tenant placed will keep your property profitable for years to come. We are so confident in our tenant placement that we offer a six month guarantee on any tenant that we place!

Leasing Agreements

Using the right contract verbiage and lease agreements are incredibly important to protect you as the owner and ensure you are adhering to the guidelines set in the Texas Property Code. We are experienced and well versed in the Property Code and have built out a lease agreement and a serious of addenda with a real estate attorney that clearly protects your interests. We put in the work, so you don’t have to!

Regular Property Inspections

Consistent property inspections are the best way to make sure your property remains in good condition and the tenants are honoring their lease.

We inspect each property at least three times throughout the lease term, looking at both the inside and the outside of the property. Our inspections quickly reveal issues renters face and act quickly to resolve them. It is much easier to solve a problem when it is small rather than later on when it has become too big to deal with quickly.
Moreover, our inspections keep you informed on how an occupant is treating your home and if they are holding to the tenant agreement. Either way, an inspection by your property manager allows us to quickly take steps to protect your investment before the lease is over.

Our attention to the small details saves you big money!

Rent Collection with Online Payments

Each and every tenant can pay their rent through an online portal that is provided to them. We accept rent payments via e-check, credit & debit card, payment vouchers at any local 7-11 and CVS, mailed checks, and at location using our drop box available 24/7 year-round. Each payment is assigned a tracker where we can monitor each payment to ensure it is deposited in your property’s trust account until we transfer via ACH to your bank account each month.

24 Hour Response Guarantee

When you have a financial advisor managing a portfolio and you ask them a question, you expect a response within a few days at the latest. Why should property management be any different? At Keyrenter Houston, we take it a step further and guarantee a response within 24 hours. You should live stress free and we assist you with that goal!

Managing Your Tenants

Perhaps the most useful part of our management services, we communicate with your tenants and act as your fiduciary relating to the property. We foster excellent relationships with our tenants, so they feel comfortable staying for multiple years dramatically increasing the profitability and ROI of your property. Our tenants love us and end up staying 1.5 years longer than the industry average!

24/7 Emergency Maintenance Response

Emergencies are exactly this: an unexpected crisis. But we are always prepared, even for the unforeseen. Never worry about a call at 3 am from your tenant again, our maintenance hotline is manned by experienced professionals all hours of the day and every day of the year, including holidays. Once one of our technicians determines a tenant issue is an emergency, we have a dedicated list of professional and vetted vendors that are available to mitigate problems and ensure that damage to your property remains as minimal as possible.

How We Manage Unfortunate Evictions

Our first round of protection lies in preventing malicious tenants from renting your properties in the first place. We accomplish this with a highly vetted 14-step screening process designed to weed out problem renters. Even though we always try to place the right tenants, sometimes they may need to be evicted.

Such difficult situations are often stressful and draining, where most property owners have very little knowledge and legal experience with an eviction.

Solving the Problem Before the Eviction

At Keyrenter Houston, we have the time and resources to try and work with renters before things escalate. We first work to resolve disagreements. This ensures you not only keep your existing renters but also keep the property profitable. In fact, less than 3% of our portfolio has ever needed an eviction.

If an eviction is unavoidable, we initiate the eviction process. We understand the legal process and nuances of evicting properly: filing the appropriate paperwork, representing your interests in court, and ensuring both you and your property are protected. Moreover, we stay up to date on all the legal challenges and updates to the Texas Property Code to ensure that the filings are all done correctly and timely.

Finding a New Tenant

Once the eviction is over, we find, vet, and place new tenants in your property with a solid lease agreement. Before we place a new tenant, we will take the care needed to restore your property to showable condition, prepare it for the next round of tenants, and then place carefully screened tenants in it. Within six months, if we have to find a brand new tenant, then we will place a new one free of charge!

Move-Out Inspections

When a tenant moves out, the important process of itemizing expenses, ensuring charges follow Texas Property Code guidelines and aren’t normal wear and tear, and sending security deposit trust account disposition letters must begin and complete within 30 days. Keyrenter Houston handles the entirety of this process for you, from start to finish, going all the way to gathering bids and quotes for repair work that may be necessary. We also directly deal with the accounting of the security deposit trust account so you don’t have to worry about any of that! 

At the end of the process, well within the state mandated deadline, you have a packaged move-out inspection with photos of each issue and multiple repair quotes for work necessary (if any even happens!). Most of our tenants leave with the security deposit because properties are kept in excellent condition.

Accounting Services: ePayments, Statements, & Year-end Tax Filing

The rules and regulations around security deposit trust accounts, rental deposit accounts; managing and tracking repair and rental expenses, depreciation, and utility expenses; handling 1099 vendor requests and tracking liability insurance renewals for both tenants and vendors can all be seriously overwhelming. Our staff of experts handle literally everything for you. Each month, you receive a personalized statement of your property, including all invoices for your records, saved within your dedicated online portal. Moreover, we manage and track the trust account records for you so you never have to worry about audits or reconciliations. When it comes time to file your taxes, we send you a simple and easy to follow cash flow accounting report along with a 1099 filed to the IRS to track revenue, income, and expenses for deductions. 

Last but not least, we also carefully monitor and track all rules and regulations set out by TREC that can affect the way the accounting and reconciliation occurs, so you just have to sit back and relax!

Online Owner Portal

We create and provide a personal owner portal accessible online through your desktop or our iOS/Android app. Every piece of information and our contact information is always a few taps away. Track your rental income, view statements, reports, maintenance requests, and submit contributions for repairs all at your convenience. Our staff is always ready to help you answer any questions or go through any problems you may have as well. An online portal is never a replacement for a real person!

Anytime I need anything…Abi, Vic and the crew get it done very quickly. Best Management response I’ve ever experienced by far! Not only are they extremely efficient, they are highly professional and a pleasure to communicate with.

Jason R.

Who Do We Serve?


It can be emotional to have strangers living in your beloved family home. Keyrenter works with homeowners to take the emotion out of your investment, giving you peace of mind that your home is well taken care of by reputable tenants.

Out-of-Town Owners

Out-of-state property owners deserve peace of mind. We can handle everything for you so you don’t have to make long costly trips to make sure your home is safely rented with tenants who care.


We work with real estate investors looking to diversify their portfolio. You want to reap the benefits of your investment without the hassle of everyday management—and we’re the perfect people to help you achieve that.


Why take your valuable time managing rental properties? We take away part of your burden by handling the management of rental properties to let you focus on your next big real estate sale

Property Managers

We work with rental property managers who want to ease the burden of their work and focus on the profitability of their business. Let us deal with the day-to-day business of managing rentals so you can do what you do best.

Thank you for the staff at Keyrenter Houston for helping me figure out how to rent my house and understand the Houston rental market. I cannot recommend them and their staff more. You will not go wrong with them!

Eulogia S.

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