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Why Is Accurate Accounting Important for Any Rental Property?

Real estate investors looking for rental property income might lease out properties for just a few months or many years. In all cases, Houston rental property bookkeeping needs to be accurate for many important reasons as outlined below.

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Financial Diversification

Your Houston property can provide a durable source of income every month. With the right tenants, that income can be reliable. However, the right property accounting services are necessary to manage potentially complex finances.

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Thorough Records

Tracking expenses and income is crucial to any kind of budgeting, be it personal or business. When you have rental property accounting to take care of, things can get messy. Make sure you're maximizing your income but minimizing your taxes with the right Houston rental property bookkeeping.

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Stay Safe

Every penny needs to be accounted for. You do this to make sure you are financially safe. First, you want to make sure you're not wasting money anywhere. Second, you need to be sure no one is taking advantage of you. Third, you need to keep everything straight to avoid IRS complications or issues with the state and local tax authorities you are subject to.

Proper Accounting Services for Your Rental Property

At Keyrenter we provide property accounting services to real estate investors in the Houston area. We cover everything from single-family homes to apartments and multi-family properties. We have successful relationships with rental property owners and real estate investors.

Our digital financial record keeping and property management take a lot of the work out of your hands. You can use that to put more time into finding more rental properties to invest in or just enjoy your rental property income. Trust our experts and professionals to handle things well for you and do it right the first time.

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Proper Accounting Services for Your Rental Property

We offer comprehensive financial services that take care of your rental property. Let us free up your time and shorten your to-do list.

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Tracking Income & Expenses

Expenses can include renovations, maintenance, and even wages and salaries for personnel. Every expense should be something that helps your investment out, either by adding value to the property in question or just making tenants happy.

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Ensuring Owner Payments

Your rental property is there to provide you with income, and we know you want your monthly proceeds on time as much as possible. We have an online portal where you can see when and where your rent gets transferred so you are always informed.

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Keeping Accounts Up-to-Date

If you have multiple rental properties, then you need distinct accounts for each one. Clear records of all income and expenditures make budgeting easier to accomplish.

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Providing Monthly and Annual Reporting

Your online portal is where you can see monthly and yearly cash flow reports so you can always know how your business is doing. That also makes tax preparation easier to pull off.

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Managing Security Deposits

Security deposits have to be handled in specific ways in accordance with Texas laws. We make sure that any deposits collected from tenants are handled properly at all times.

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Is all the paperwork overwhelming you?

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What our clients say

"Simply the best property management company, the strongest option to have your property well taken care of. Always professional and excellent customer service. Let them take care of your invesment or let them get you home! They know how to do it right."

Vic Lagunes


"Top notch property management company. Very responsive and will take care of your investment."

Patrick Dichter


"I love Vic, he is the most diligent and professional, always responsive and with the best attitude."

Susana Licona


We Offer More than Just Property Accounting Services

If property accounting services are all you need, then we can certainly do that for you. However, we offer many more services that you might find of benefit, including the following.

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Our property management accounting services free up your precious time while we make sure that tenant rent payments are fully accounted for and being spent wisely. Count on us to make sure your Houston investment property and rental income are handled with care.

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