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Professional Eviction Services in Houston, TX

When you own any rental property in the Houston, Texas area, it’s crucial to have tenants that pay their rent in a timely fashion, honor all conditions of their rental agreement, and move out when the contract is over without you having to provide an eviction notice. Not only that, while they are in the property, you hope that they keep it clean and in good order.

That will happen with most of them, but some of them are going to be trouble. That's when you need tenant removal services like the ones we offer. Let us handle these unfortunate circumstances for you so you don't have to deal with potential discomfort or even hostility, or worse. As property managers, we can do it all for you and keep it professional at all times.

Eviction assistance is just one of the many services we offer in our property management package. Contact us to learn more!

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Our Tenant Eviction Services

When you let us handle the eviction process for troublesome tenants, we'll handle everything for you. You can keep your attention on other things while we go through the eviction process in Houston, Texas.

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Communicate the matter with the tenant in hopes of an out-of-court settlement.

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Serve them proper notice per Texas eviction laws.

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Request a court eviction order for tenants who don't vacate.

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Attend any trial necessary.

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File the petition for a restitution warrant if the tenant still doesn't vacate.

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Arrange for movers to clean out the property when need be.

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Do you need help with handling tenant evictions?

Let Keyrenter Houston help! Contact us right away!

Tenant Eviction Process in Texas

The eviction process in the state of Texas has four steps, and professional property managers can take care of all the surrounding issues regarding evictions. The first is the notice to vacate, and the second is actually filing the suit. Third, you will go to court before finally getting the writ of possession.

Notice to Vacate

Changing locks gives you and new tenants peace of mind because you never know when previous tenants turned in all the keys or possibly made copies.

Filing the Suit

Appliances in an apartment or rental unit might need maintenance, repairs, or even replacement.

Heading to Court

Dents, scratches, and small holes might happen from furniture and artwork and are easy to patch. Bigger holes might need more work before a fresh coat of paint.

Writ of Possession

Anything from testing detectors to checking water pressure and the plumbing drains are easier to do when tenants aren't around.

Skipping any step or trying to speed things up can be a violation of the tenant's rights. That will cause the courts to rule against you and possibly get you into serious legal trouble of your own. Since this process is so detailed with many legal points and technicalities, it can be much easier to leave this in the hands of eviction professionals who will make sure to follow all local laws and regulations.

Tenants do have the right to appeal, and that can add more time to the eviction process. This is another area where we can help you on top of the fact that we can sometimes create positive outcomes without going to court. Some tenants who are in violation of their lease agreement are still willing and able to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement for all parties involved. This is something we have experience in handling for our clients.

How Long Does the Eviction Process Take in Texas?

It takes roughly three weeks for the entire eviction process to take place in Texas.

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From the notice to vacate to filing a suit takes 3 days

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Serving the citation takes 8 to 10 days so the defendant has 6 to 10 days prior to the hearing

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State law gives defendants 5 days to appeal the suit

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The Constable must post a 24-hour notice to vacate on the specific Writ of Possession

Any eviction suit might go longer than three weeks since appeals are possible.

Why Choose Keyrenter Houston for Rental Eviction Assistance?

Houston, Texas laws don't require you to hire professional tenant eviction services, but doing so means you can step aside from a messy situation and leave it in the hands of capable industry experts.

Steer Clear of Legalities

Overlooking just one part of the whole eviction process can help tenants or even get you in legal trouble of your own. An eviction process can take a lot of your energy and time, but just learning all the details and aspects of all of this can also wear you down.

Enjoy Your Free Time

Rental property should be easy income. Most of the time, you might get to enjoy a hands-off stream of money flowing in every month. Then again, an eviction situation with one tenant can eat up all your time and spill over into your private life or even keep you too occupied to deal with your remaining tenants.

Bypass the Stress

Tenant eviction is never fun. The details can drive you mad, whether you know them yet or not. Professionals mean peace of mind for you and your family. Enjoy the revenue your property generates, and let someone else handle protecting it.

Be Safe

Tenants going through an eviction process might wind up lashing out, destroying property, and even getting violent. Don't let them intimidate or threaten you by having someone else deal with them.

Avoid Escalation

Professional eviction experts know how to handle difficult situations with a delicate touch, sometimes producing a positive outcome. Our ability to settle things out of court can sometimes mean good endings to bad situations. This can mean faster resolution so you get a paying tenant faster, and skipping court fees makes it all cheaper, too.

What our clients say

Vic is super friendly and professional. I have worked with him a few times regarding stressful maintenance and administrative issues. He always maintains a calm and professional demeanor that drives resolution in tense situations.

Siobhan Killalea


It is always a pleasure to work with them. They are very professional and responsive. We usually interact with Vic and he is amazing and a pleasure to work with! Thank you for being great partners! My God, continue to bless and prosper your business.

Liliana Delgado


They scheduled the showing and guided me through the apllication process . They are so professional.

Maquie Ramirez


We Offer More than Just Rental Property Turnover Services

If you want someone else to handle tenant eviction services, then there might be other aspects of property management and land-lording you'd also love to turn over to experienced professionals like us. We also provide many other services you might benefit from.

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How much do property managers charge in Houston?

All property management companies have different policies. Keyrenter Houston’s fees are fully transparent. Our full management plan is only 10% of the monthly rent after the first month.

Are property management companies in Houston worth it?

Yes, real estate property management is worth it! Managing rental properties can be time-consuming and complicated. Property managers have the knowledge, temperament, vendor network, and most importantly, time to manage properties with the greatest care and attention.

How long will it take to rent my property?

We take time marketing your rental property and our dedicated staff works extensively, fielding phone calls and reaching out to potential tenants. Even with our comprehensive tenant screening, we typically find high-quality tenants for our clients within 13.5 days!

Contact Us!

Evicting tenants is an unfortunate necessity to protect your rental property, but it's not one you have to deal with. Contact us to learn more about our property management package and leave the legalities and unpleasant work to someone else! 

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