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in Houston, TX

There are many reasons to search for houses for rent in the Houston area. Maybe you’ve been in an apartment for the past few years and you’re ready to move into a bigger space. Or maybe you just moved into town and are on the hunt for Houston homes for rent. Whatever your reasoning may be, know that there are plenty of options at your fingertips.

At Keyrenter Houston, we have access to countless home rental properties that are perfect for your specific needs. Our passionate and helpful team can help you find and secure the ideal home for you, eliminating your stress and saving you time and money. We encourage you to browse through our currently available properties to see what catches your eye.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a House in Houston, TX

What is the average monthly rent for a home in Houston?

The average monthly rental price depends on the location and size of the home in which you are interested. While the median rental price is about $1,550 per month, luxury houses for rent in Houston, Texas can range anywhere from $3,000 per month on the low-end all the way up to $6,000+ per month on the high-end.

If you are not set on finding Houston luxury homes for rent, you can expect to stay on the lower side ($1,500 - $2,500) for a monthly rental average. If you need to stick to a certain budget, please let our team know!

Is it expensive to live in Houston?

All factors considered, Houston is a relatively affordable metropolitan city compared to similar cities. The overall cost of living in Houston is roughly 19% cheaper than living in Austin and roughly 5% cheaper than living in Dallas.

If you’re set on living downtown to cut down on your commute time or you simply prefer to live in the heart of the city, you can expect to pay higher rent. Moving away from the city and toward the suburbs will give you more flexibility in price, often providing you with more bang for your buck.

How much are luxury houses in Houston?

It is difficult to provide a blanket answer since the cost of luxury houses for rent in Houston, Texas depends on the exact location and size of the home. In general, it is safe to say that buying one of Houston’s luxury properties will cost a minimum of $750,000 - $1,000,000.

Use this number as a baseline, but know that many homes get into the tens of millions of dollars depending on the neighborhood. Because purchasing a home is so much more expensive, families often choose to rent instead. Keyrenter Houston makes renting a luxury home more affordable so you don't have to settle for less.

How to find cheap rental homes near me in Houston?

Finding cheap houses for rent in Houston, TX is significantly easier when you have the right real estate professionals on your side. At Keyrenter, we know that budget is one of the main driving factors when determining which house is best for your needs. We know the areas and the real estate market incredibly well, making it easy for you to find affordable homes for rent in Houston.

Are there many affordable apartments in Houston?

Yes, there are many apartments and homes for rent in the Houston area that are affordable, in great neighborhoods, and have many desirable amenities that you and your family will enjoy. No matter the time of year that you’re looking to start your lease, you’ll be able to secure a home or apartment rental that satisfies all of your needs.

Are there a lot of pet-friendly house rentals near me in Houston, TX?

Absolutely! Property owners in Houston who are renting their homes know that pets are family for many families. If you have a furry friend, we’ll make sure to only consider properties that allow pets so you won’t have to stress about this facet of the move.

What is the average monthly rent for a home in Houston?

There is a significant variance in monthly rental costs. For example, homes for rent in North Houston may be priced differently than homes in South Houston. On average, families pay roughly $1,700 to rent a home in Houston, but this number is constantly changing due to the market as well as supply and demand.

What elementary, middle, and high schools are in Houston?

If you have young kids, considering the school systems in the Houston area is always a good idea. Thankfully, Houston is home to many amazing school districts that you can consider depending on your location. Popular school districts include Katy, Tomball, Friendswood, Pearland, and Clear Creek, to name a few.

Rent a House in Houston with Keyrenter

Those seeking houses to rent in Houston will see plenty of options through Keyrenter, allowing you to be picky to ensure you end up in the most ideal home for you. From one-bedroom homes to massive homes with 5+ bedrooms, we'll make sure you find one you absolutely love.

Houston is an amazing city with each area offering unique benefits and attractions. Do you have a certain area of Houston in mind? Maybe you’re looking for guidance on which area will check most of your boxes.

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