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Importance of Taking Tenants Liability Insurance


March 19, 2019

Written by:

Abhi Sreerama

Tenants liability insurance is something you don’t want to miss. You may take cover for your health or emergency, but your home needs cover too. The house you live in has valuables that need to be insured too. There are risks of fire, water damage, or other accidents that can destroy property in a building.

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What is Tenants Liability Insurance?

Tenant insurance is a requirement in most states just like you need auto insurance to drive on the roads. This insurance covers all your personal belongings in the apartment you live in against cases of destruction or loss. The policy is all about taking out the management of rental properties to a third party that carries out management smoothly. You need to be covered on accidents that will happen while you are at home or away from your premises.

Areas covered under tenants’ liability insurance include:

  • Damages caused by fire, water, smoke or even theft. The type of damage should be one that is covered under the policy
  • Loss of private property like clothes and electronics
  • The injury caused within the rental premises like falling of stone or wood.
  • Any damage that makes the home not fit for living

Renters insurance covers tenants on issues like damage to the property owner’s property. If you interfere with the fittings, paint, or fittings in a rental house, you are likely to be requested to pay for them. If we give you a rental insurance policy, the costs are covered, and you are, therefore, set free from meeting any costs.

The Significance of Tenants Liability Insurance

Tenants’ Liability insurance is a good option for covering household items. It is equally cheap compared to other policies since you do not cover the building but the properties in it. There are misconceptions out there that keep many from taking the policy. Some of them include the belief that:

  • Possessions you owe are not prized items; they do not cost much.
  • Facelifts made in the building are covered by the landlord.
  • The landlord’s insurance policy for the rental house covers your personal belongings.
  • Accidents and emergencies are rare in rental areas. If any, they should be covered by the landlord.
  • There will be proceeds from your insurance once you vacate a landlord’s premise.

These misconceptions draw many tenants further from the truth regarding tenants liability insurance. The fact, however, is that much of the burden on properties you own remain on you. Equally important is the fact that once you sign out of an apartment, there is no more cover on your properties. You are on your own. Renters insurance comes in handy at this moment to give you the necessary financial boost to keep yourself going.

We urge you to take tenants liability insurance since it is the only way to keep low your insurance and operational costs once you are a tenant. Renters insurance is cheap, contrary to the narrative carried by most tenants out there claiming that it is costly. It is, however, important to note that your belongings are costly. If you compare their prices with the amount you subscribe to the insurance, there is a huge difference. This means that renter insurance is affordable and is worth taking. You do not need to wait any longer if you do not have one!

Tenants’ liability insurance also protects a tenant against potential lawsuits. This is another reason why you may never need to ignore renters insurance. Legal charges and court fines are not pleasant charges to incur. If we give you rental insurance, we shield you from a possible claim in court that will demand compensation to the tune of thousands of dollars! If you have taken this cover, such lawsuits on the property destroyed or tampered with while you stayed in a rental house are evaded.

The renter’s liability coverage also covers any loss you incur on personal property. If you depend on the property owner’s policy, it would then cover what is stationed physically or geographically within the building. With tenants liability insurance, any loss to personal property is covered whether the items are in the home or geographically away from the building. This gives the policy an upper hand in protecting your property.

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If you own single-family houses, condos, or apartments in Piney Point Village, Texas, you need to note the impact renter’s insurance can have on your properties. The management is shifted from your back with expenses and coverage being taken over by our Keyrenter premium insurance services. The benefits not only accrue to the tenant, but the property owner stands to reap equally big from the arrangement in the policy.

If the house you live in becomes inhabitable for one reason or another, the additional living expenses are covered by the renter policy. The tenant’s liability insurance offers liability coverage that keeps you away from other expenses that you are likely to incur. If for instance, your house has been raced down by fire, measures will be taken to ensure you are comfortable as the house is being repaired. Your lifestyle is maintained even as you await the processing of your damages.

Owning a prime property, especially rental houses in Piney Point Village and the areas covered by Keyrenter property managers has been made convenient and economical. Costs are now shared by the tenant, landlord, and the property management company. Keyrenter housing is a property management company in Piney Point Village whose aim is to shift the management burden from homeowners. This is possible and has been tested and proved in the area. Tenants are the first beneficiaries and homeowners have not been left behind either!

Keyrenter Houston also offers property managers to advise and guide you in the management of your premises and homes. This is a team of experienced and technical advisers who help you to get the full potential of your investment. Of importance is the fact that management can also be done for you. The hustle of checking in tenants and keeping an eye on your houses is done by professionals.

Property management has taken a new twist. In Piney Point Village, Keyrenter Houston has influenced both tenants and homeowners. We have property managers in Piney Point Village whom you can contact from the nearest office. Do not be left behind on the new developments in the rental industry. We are ready to serve you all the time. Our services are by no doubt the best you can get in Piney Point!


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