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Bellaire Property Management Company

If you want a great Bellaire property management option, then your search has come to an end. Keyrenter Houston is here to serve property owners looking to manage their Bellaire listings. Our high-caliber services make sure your property is managed effectively so you can focus on other things in life. Let us handle your property for consistent revenue and profits.

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Top-Rated Property Management Services in Bellaire, TX

It's one thing to say we can be your Bellaire property managers, but it's another to tell you what we specifically can do for you. After all, it's the real nuts and bolts of our services that will convince you that we're what you need.

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Rent Collection

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Rent Collection

Your residents can pay rent through our online portal using e-checks, debit cards, and credit cards. We also offer options for mailed checks and payment vouchers. Offering multiple options helps residents make easy and prompt payments we collect for you.

Tenant Screening

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Tenant Screening

Our screening process involves 14 different steps. They include income checks, background validation, credit history inspection, and employment verification. We do this so we get your property reliable tenants that prove to be profitable.

Property Inspections

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Property Inspections

We ensure quality conditions for your property by making sure tenants honor their lease agreements. As such, we do regular inspections of the property and strive to find small issues and fix them fast before they turn into something bigger.

Property Marketing

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Property Marketing

We want you to have qualified tenants, which is why we advertise to them. We utilize professional photographs that we advertise on more than 200 websites. Our team is always hard at work interacting with those who might be prospective tenants.

Eviction Assistance

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Eviction Assistance

We try to resolve potential disagreements prior to them escalating, which is why our eviction rate is under 3%. When it does prove necessary, we take care of the legal process for you so your property is protected.


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Property Maintenance

Our 24/7 property maintenance services are capable of dealing with any unexpected crisis. Your tenants will have a maintenance hotline they can use, and we team up with a regular list of trusted vendors and professionals to handle issues for us.

Accounting Services

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Accounting Services

Turn to our experts for accounting, vendor requests, and accounts. You can access a property statement each month through a personal online portal.

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Get Your Free Rental Analysis!

Maximize your Bellaire rental property investment with our free rental analysis and rent report. See how much rent your rental property can generate for you!

Why Choose Us as Your Property Management Company in Bellaire, Texas

Bellaire, Texas is a great place to live for most people and can also be a great place to own property. It's even better if you let us handle the property management services. From finding tenants and collecting rent to handling maintenance matters and evictions, we do the daily work while you are free to focus on living life or finding more properties.

  • 99% of our clients are so satisfied that they renew with us.

  • We fill vacancies in an average of just 14 days.

  • Maintenance calls go to us instead of you for your privacy.

  • We handle evictions so you don't have to.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been looking for a rental property for a long time. These guys are the first of all real estate companies to listen to my needs and without any hesitation go out of their way to work around and help with any problems that come up. I love my new home and the way they helped during the move-in process. Thanks, Vic!

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Alex Aki

I spoke with a gentleman named Luis and he really went out of his way for me.

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Paul Bonner

This property management group has excellent customer service. If any issues arise, everything is handled in a timely manner.

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April Perez

Looking to Buy Property in Bellaire, TX?

If you're looking for real estate investing in Bellaire, Texas, then you may have found a great community. Sitting outside Houston, this suburb has just under 20,000 residents. The atmosphere is a mix of sparse spacing with a suburban feel. We're a great choice if you're looking for Bellaire TX property management companies to handle any listings you invest in this community.

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Real Estate Market in Bellaire, TX

The real estate market in Bellaire, Texas is doing well and should continue to do so. Existing homes have high values for the most part. High rates of home ownership help stabilize its many neighborhoods, and this can help you as a real estate investor. People are looking for homes here, whether you sell them or rent them. As the Houston area keeps growing, so too does Bellaire. This suburb also grows just because people want to get out of the city and enjoy a slower pace of life with more breathing room.

Things Renters Will Love in Bellaire, TX

Life in Bellaire is all about breathing easy. This city has suburban amenities for eating out, shopping, and entertainment, and parents trust the local schools. The urban conveniences, jobs, and transportation connections of Houston are a short drive away, but Bellaire itself is a spacious place with plenty of room between most of the neighborhoods and houses. The idea of open-concept living is embodied outdoors thanks to plentiful spacing and numerous city parks that residents get to enjoy in this community of high-value homes.

Specific amenities that draw residents here include:

  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Multiple parks
  • Highly rated schools

Many families already get to enjoy the advantages of home ownership in a suburb, but renters can find it attractive to live in such a place, too. Some just want to get away from crowded apartments inside Houston, and others want to try on the neighborhood before buying their own home. Whatever their motivations, renters flock to Bellaire just as much as homeowners. You can buy the homes they want to rent, and we can handle the property management services that keep renters happy and your schedule free.

FAQ About Property Management in Bellaire, TX

What services do you offer?

Our property management services in Bellaire, TX provide everything you need to keep your properties running smoothly. Whether it's screening for tenants or handling evictions, accounting needs, and inspections, we have all the bases covered!

How much do property management services cost in Bellaire, TX?

Our full property management package is the go-to for many of our renters in Bellaire, saving you time and energy while providing a 10% commission on monthly rents, with no more than $250. For multifamily properties, this rate drops to 8%. We also offer brokerage services at 2.5%, which may be increased to 3.5% for new clients; allowing us to help make your real estate dreams come true!

How do I get started?

Getting started with our premier property management company in Bellaire, TX has never been easier! Reach out to us and let's discuss how we can help you find the right solutions for your needs.

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We're standing by to take over the property management duties for you. We can make your life simpler while also generating revenue and profit from your property, but we can't do that until you reach out to us. Get in touch with us right away!

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